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The Ransbeck medical surgical centre (near Brussels) has decided to opt for an integrative vision of medicine.

A holistic vision that is no longer fragmentary. Multi- and interdisciplinary, it combines the information and knowledge from all sources in the search for the common denominators, without forgetting that the living organism is in constant interaction with its environment.

Our centre is essentially focused on health and beauty. We can also serve as a link to curative medicine. Predictive and preventative, our balances are based on the latest research in the area of the physiology of ageing. Whether it is a study of fluid dynamics, microbiology, genetics or the nutritional report, our health assessments also include environmental data derived from the habitat and place of work. Thus everything is interconnected.

The results of the various examinations are then processed to create your health profile. We go beyond a consultation to provide a medical investigation. Providing genuine health guidance, the avowed objective of the centre is to lead to increased responsibility for a rediscovered personal autonomy.
In the same vein, our beauty department integrates artistic concepts. The study of curvatures and volumes, not to mention the proportions between the various anatomical zones, in the search for the golden ratio that results in harmony and coherence, we promote less invasive techniques that are more respectful to the living organism.
I prefer the use of living materials to the numerous synthetic products available on the market. Subject to various laws, negative entropy is opposed to disorder, and the degeneration of entropy created by synthetic products. The living organism is characterised by its capacity for transcendence and auto-regeneration.
The various techniques that we use stimulate these autoregenerative capacities. With the restored curves and volumes, the face and body regain their softness and sensuality. Plasma, platelet concentrates, platelet growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells and subcutaneous tissue grafts, this is the new vocabulary of today’s aestheticians. The constant search to find ever more powerful techniques leads us to the infinitely small, governed by quantum laws. It drives change and affects various areas of activity.
Whether it is economy, politics, ecology or health, everything is interconnected and forces us to see things differently.

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