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Nutritional report

« What you eat is your first medicine »
said Hippocrates, the father of occidental medicine in 4 BC.

Nutrition is one of the key factors in health.
 The nutritional report, an easily attainable investment in health.
Making a nutritional report is advised to all individuals who value their health. Never forget that while you may be proud of your professional success, your salary, or your wealth, good health cannot be bought!!!

Children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly can all obtain vital information from their nutritional report. The patient wins in every respect. If the report is optimal, this indicates that they have a good diet and in that case, things are left as they are. If anomalies are identified that could compromise health, correcting these anomalies will reduce the risk of a loss of health and fitness, or of falling ill.

What is a nutritional report?
 It involves a detailed analysis of the blood and of the urine. The nutritional report analyses the most important nutritional parameters for health, which are most frequently modified in the population at large.
1. Fatty acids profile
2. Homocysteine
3. Indicators of oxidative stress
4. Copper zinc selenium
5. Heavy metals
6. Dietary IgGs
7. Analysis of neurotransmitters (basic molecules for the synthesis of hormones critical for well-being)

Why have a nutritional report made?
Because health is a precious commodity and it has now been proven that nutrition is a major factor of good health.

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