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« Biophysics offers us a means of visualising what is otherwise invisible in the tissues, of analysing the perpetual reshuffling, the sequential chemical transformations that are constantly taking place within us, microchemistry that undoubtedly has mega consequences. »

A question of balance …

The interdependence between sciences bonds them ever more closely, especially with mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

It is equally possible to affirm the mutual dependency of all phenomena and a certain oneness in the natural sciences.
As a result, living tissue is itself connected by an infinite number of invisible links with the surrounding nature so that all of the environment’s physicochemical processes may provoke physiological changes in the living organism.

Bioelectronics is a relatively new science that enables us to precisely describe certain characteristic factors of a biosphere in relation to inductive cosmic phenomena and thus, to understand the influence of their variations to the states of biological equilibrium or disequilibrium. Bioelectronics can be defined as the science of biological terrains. It enables the measurement, with the aid of three fundamental physical factors, of the magnetic currents of living organisms, or more precisely, the micro-currents, which due to progress in electronics can now be measured.
These parameters, each measured in the blood, saliva and urine are the pH, the redox potential and the resistivity. It is no coincidence that the renowned space agency NASA uses this methodology for medical monitoring of astronauts during space voyages.

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