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Etude Biostimulation

La Biostimulation cutanée,
restauration de courbes et de volumes

Abstract: Medical procedures to solve the problems of beauty care and cosmetics have been continuously evolving in order to increase their efficiency and to reduce their risk. The number of synthetic materials available to use as fillers has increased significantly in recent years. The diversity of these products with different physicochemical properties, has allowed its use in medicine fields beyond cosmetic medicine. Despite the success in the use of synthetic materials in cosmetic surgery, its use still is not a risk-free procedure.

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the use of autologous materials to regenerate skin tissue.

In the procedure we used three autologous substances (adipose tissue (semisolid), platelet-rich plasma (liquid), human thrombin (gel). These components induce local bio-stimulation, leading to the filling and remodelling of the skin curves, while preserving the homeostasis and physiology of the patient’s own tissue structure. In this study we have followed up six patients treated with the procedure for a year in order to validate its efficacy and possible undesirable effects. Skin parameters such as extensibility and elasticity were measured before and after the treatment. Both skin parameters showed improvements following the treatment. In the case of Skin extensibility varied from 0.498400 mm to 0.42000 mm and skin elasticity changed from 0.365340 to 0.492220 dimensionless, achieving statistical difference. Over 300 patients have been treated with this alternative method for local bio-stimulation. The present work demonstrates that autologous material is a possible and safe alternative to using synthetic materials forcosmetic porpoises possibly minimizing the risk of rejection.
(étude parue dans le magazine Médecine Esthétique et Cosmétologie en 2010)

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