The practice

Exploit your health potential!
This is a unique and revolutionary centre in the field of health and beauty.
The scientific revolution of recent years has provided us with logical rules for managing our bodies and our health/well-being capital almost as though it were a business. It is all a question of the correct balance between our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Bionomie Center
  – Place de Ransbeck – 1380 Ohain – Belgium 
(on GPS: enter LASNE)
 Brabant Wallon – 15′ from Brussels
 – Tel.: 00 32 2 354 70 24 – Fax: 00 32 2 351 01 10

“For us, well-being is being in harmony with ourselves and our environment, and this harmony requires knowledge and responsibility.”

The objective is to offer our patients the most advanced techniques in the field of holistic aesthetic medicine, while exploiting your intrinsic HEALTH POTENTIAL.

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