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With the completion of the « International Human Genome project » in 2003 we now have greater insight into the structure and function of the genes. This event marks the dawn of the postgenomic era, in which this genetic knowledge will find application in everyday life.

Not limited to the study of serious diseases, the modern vision of genetics aims to understand our genes in full. In fact our genes accompany us at every moment of our lives, whether we are working, eating, sleeping, falling in love, doing exercise, or experiencing moments of stress.

Like the instruments in an orchestra, our genes help us to create a specific melody, unique for each individual.
However, each of us decides, like the conductor of the orchestra, the degree of potential symphonic beauty in our lives. Prevention is important, but specific prevention is even better. Highly personalised, pre-symptomatic prevention based on genetics is becoming a reality in the 21st century due to knowledge of our genes, and in particular of their interaction with the environment (biological, psychological, electromagnetic) that basically reflect our lifestyle and our patterns of behaviour.
Remember: There is no such thing as bad genes; there are only unsuitable lifestyles and patterns of behaviour that we are now able to modify on the basis of our individual genetic profile.

The integrative approach based on genetics is a new sophisticated
and powerful method that will help you to:

– understand how you operate
– stimulate your genetic potential and activate your genes to improve your health
– select the specific approach identified for your personalised preventive treatment.

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