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« Science of being and of movement in harmony with the environment »

In relation to well-being, we define ‘bionomics’ as the capacity to manage one’s life in harmony with the outside world because we are constantly living in a biological, psychological, and social environment.

The scientific revolution of recent years has provided us with rational rules for managing our bodies, and our health/well-being capital as though it were a business.

Everything is a question of equilibrium: well-being is the result of maintaining the correct balance between our physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Bionomics is therefore more ‘knowing how to be’ than ‘knowing how to do’.

« Let’s get more life into our years rather than years in our life, and longevity will be the natural result »  (concept inspired by the book « une vie en plus » by J. de Rosnay, JL Sevran Scheiber, Fr de Closets and D. Simone

We draw on disciplines as diverse as philosophy, human medicine, neuro-psychological immunology, nutrition, physiology of ageing, the science of motion etc. in our integrative and holistic vision of each human being.

Our centre is based on welcoming, listening and sharing, and offering support dedicated to guiding each person towards enhanced well-being.

Our approach is centred on change and solutions. This implies that the patient should take responsibility for his or her own general well-being, starting with awareness, increased self-knowledge, the acquisition of new change strategies and an evolutionary dynamic towards increased self-control and autonomy.

We have three departments dedicated to accompanying you in the change towards complete well-being (biological, psychological and social) and thereby taking into account your individuality.

They are:

BIO: Physical well-being

We write up personal reports to define your health profile. We draw upon a variety of examinations, which are selected on the basis of the objective pursued. Among the many examinations available are: nutritional report, Vincent bioelectronics, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and genetic and epigenetic analysis. Once the profile has been established, together with you, we select the option that will enable you to move towards increased fluidity and will also enable you to restore or to increase your health potential. The file remains the patient’s property and is exclusively used as a means of communication among the various specialists consulted.

PSYCHO: Mental and emotional well-being

Psychotherapy, coaching and personal development.

SOCIO-ENVIRONMENTAL: Well-being in the environment and with others.

Study of the environment and its impact on our health potential. Implementation of an action and change plan, always taking into account our relational, social and environmental situation, as well-being is a way of being with ourselves and with others.

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